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5 Qualities we see as integral when dealing with clients

Perfect Energy is owned by Roger and Julian Roger Barbieri. They understand the need to foster good client relationships and have accumulated over 30 years' experience in the Electrical Contracting Industry. In 2008 they joined forces and commenced trading as Perfect Energy Pty Ltd REC 18837 providing Electrical and Data Solutions to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial clients throughout the Inner Melbourne metropolitan area.


Listed below are the steps we follow to keep our existing client base and look to grow new clients.

Positive referrals

Some clients don’t have the luxury of searching online or through the Yellow Pages so unless the potential customer has no friends, the first thing they are likely to do is phone a friend. 

If the recommendation from the friend is a positive one they aren’t likely to ring anyone else - we acquire a new customer, potentially for life, for no additional effort or cost.

 Positive referrals or word of mouth marketing have an incredibly powerful influence on a person’s selection process so for this reason alone, we treat every customer with the utmost respect. Customer networks are important for our client referral base.

A good online presence

We understand some clients research the service they require on the net. So for this reason we value our social media presence and make sure potential customers can find our business easily.

We are currently refining our social media presence. Our goal is to provide a place where our clients can message us and have any online questions quickly and politely.


We aim to build our online profiles - in a blog, our website, Facebook, and Instagram to encourage clients to communicate with us.

Master Electricians Membership

When you consider the countless horror stories of families who have had shoddy work done by shoddy tradies you can understand why potential customers pay close attention to membership, guarantees and qualifications. 

Most potential customers are going to prefer electricians whose safety systems are accredited and monitored, who provide a workmanship guarantee, are reliable and provide excellent service.

Perfect Energy meets all of the required professional standards.

Good Communication Skills

We have over 30 years’ experience in the domestic and commercial electrical market. We are happy to answer all of our client’s questions, as we know our job and we have a very large satisfied client base. We have great references and are happy to refer them to our clients.


Perfect Energy strives to present ourselves to present ourselves in the most professional manner possible. We provide professional quotes that clearly state what will be done, when and how much it will cost.  We stick to a schedule, track time and materials, invoice on time and respond in a polite and professional manner to client concerns.



Perfect Energy electrical staff will come to your home or office site and evaluate your needs. If you are looking for a superior quality service from Roger and Julian where you will deal directly with your electrical specialist, finish on time and within your budget, then contact Roger and Julian on 0412 090 094 | 0414 801 137

Perfect Energy Electricians Melbourne
Perfect Energy Electricians Melbourne
Perfect Energy Electricians Melbourne
Perfect Energy Electricians Melbourne
Perfect Energy Electricians Melbourne
Perfect Energy Electricians Melbourne





  • Fast Same Day Service
  • We are dedicated to turning up on time, every time.
  • We offer Free Quotes/Consultations
  • Your premises will be treated like our own.
  • We will give you a courtesy call before arrival.
  • We are very polite, friendly and professional at all times.
  • We are a Family Owned and Operated Business
  • We are Industry Leaders in Technical Advice
Perfect Energy Electricians Melbourne

What that means for you…

Perfect Energy is one of only a select few Accredited Master Electricians in Melbourne.

We adhere to much more stringent requirements than regular electricians. We only deliver the highest levels of service and safety.

We are continually checked and accredited for safety, quality and service.

Perfect Energy provides a Lifetime Guarantee on All Electrical Work

As energy auditors we are approved to provide up-to-date advice on energy efficiency and recommendations.