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Switchboard upgrades

Outdated switchboards are highly prone to short circuits and fuses tend to catch and spread fire quickly.Fuses are difficult to extract and there is a risk of contacting the live contacts of the fuse wedge – therefore it is recommended that all power be 'turned off' at the Main Switch before attempting to repair a fuse.

It is imperative to replace the fuse wire with the appropriate sized fuse wiredepending on type of circuit (power or lighting). Increasing the size of the fuse wire in an attempt to reduce blown fuses events places the house wiring at a risk of overloading and overheating, risking fire. Modern switchboards are fitted with automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches which cut the electricity when there is an electrical fault in the circuit

Safety Switch installation RCD Protection

Installing RCDs (Safety Switches) in your home will lower the risk of Electrocution to you and your family. When a fault occurs, the unit trips and removes power from ALL power or light circuits.

Smoke/Heat Detection installation

Hard wired smoke and heat detectors will not have problems of battery failure

Mains upgrade

There are a number of reasons you would want your mains power upgraded, including the installation of ducted air conditioning, replacing and existing electrical appliance with a bigger unit, high end audio visual equipment, an addition or extension to your home or the renovation of an older building.

A mains power upgrade will provide you with a consistent, reliable and quantifiable power source.

Renovation and/or complete house rewire

All installations are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZ 3000:2007

Communication & data cabling

Electrical appliance installation

Solar panel maintenance and repair

Accredited and registered with Clean Energy Council

Home Energy Audits

Also called an energy assessment, a home energy audit is the first step to cutting your energy bills and improving your home's energy efficiency.

A home energy audit helps you learn how you use energy, determine where it's being wasted and prioritize your efficiency upgrades

Making energy efficiency upgrades identified in a home energy audit can save 5-30 percent on your monthly energy bill while also ensuring the health and safety of your house.

Solar Panel Installations and Maintenance

Installing a solar (photovoltaic or PV) power system is a great way of capturing the sun's energy to generate electricity at home.
  • Increasingly affordable option to reduce your power bills
  • Generate your own clean electricity
  • Low-maintenance once installed and may increase the value of your home


Emergency and evacuation lighting systems test & repairs
Test & tag electrical tools, appliances and equipment
Perfect Energy (Electrician Melbourne ) is a full service company that offers expertise in electrical service, installations and communications cabling systems.

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